Cobra - COB LED display
  COB LED displays


Advanced display technology

Its characteristic is that the LED chips are directly packaged on the PCB substrate to form a closely arranged LED array.


LED displays are more compact

This design not only makes the LED display more compact, but also improves photoelectric conversion efficiency and heat dissipation performance.

  COB technology
  COB display  


COB LED displays excel in both outdoor and indoor applications. It has excellent weather and water resistance and can work stably in harsh climate conditions.

  LED chips   COB technology   COB display
  The smaller spacing between LED chips enables higher resolution and more uniform light distribution, resulting in clearer and more realistic images and video content.   COB technology can also effectively reduce energy consumption and extend the service life of LED displays, thereby reducing maintenance costs.   The COB display also supports a variety of input signals, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc., and is compatible with various video source devices and has a wide range of applications.
Pitch piksel (mm) 0.93 1.25 1.56
Model P0.93mmP1.25mmP1.56mm
Densitas (dots/sqm) 1156203 640000 410914
Resolusi modul (dots) 33299 10368 4260
Lebar modul (mm) 160 120 96
Tinggi modul (mm) 180 135 108
Lebar kabinet (mm) 640 480 384
Tinggi kabinet (mm) 360 270 216
Kedalaman kabinet 33 33 33
Resolusi (dots) 266389 82944 34083
Berat (kg)
Tetap Front Front Front
IPX IP43 IP43 IP43
Kecerahan maksimum (cd/sqm)
Suhu warna (k)
Sudut 0 0 0
Nisbah kontras
Kuasa maksimum (w) 300 300 300
Kekuatan rata-rata (w) 120 120 120
Jenis tegangan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tengah (v) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Metode pengemudian
FPS layar (hz) 60 60 60

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